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We are pleased that you have chosen Cornerstone Daycare Center, Inc. as your “partner” in the care and education of your child. Like you, we are interested in your child’s whole development. Our commitment is to provide you and your child with the best in child care and education.

This package is given to all parents at the time of enrollment of their child in the child care center and is designed to acquaint you with some of our policies and procedures. In addition to our policies, we are licensed by the state of New York and abide by the state rules and regulations. We serve children 2-5 years old; 3-K for All and 4-K for All. Cornerstone Daycare Center, Inc. operating hours are 8:00am-6:00pm. 3-K for All and 4-K for All – 8:00am-2:50pm.

Again, thank you for partnering together with Cornerstone Daycare Center for your child’s education.

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    I Give Permission To Cornerstone Daycare Center To Take My Child To The Nearest Hospital If He/She Is Seriously Injured Or Hurt While Attending School

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