Our Curriculum

Our curriculum provides young learners with a wealth of opportunities for learning. They are engaged in experiences that encompass all areas of growth in childhood development. Our program is designed to ensure we encourage best practices by promoting appropriate learning expectations and working together with families to bridge home school connections.

During the day, our teachers facilitate lesson activities centered around the creative curriculum with the intentions of enhancing inquiry based instruction/learning. The lesson plans are thoughtfully and purposefully planned and structured around hands on learning activities. All areas of each classroom are student centered and engaging for our young learners in order to support exploration in math, science, social studies, and literacy.


Our toddler classroom is based on the needs and the individual strengths of each child. Throughout the day your child will be engaged in activities that are thoughtfully planned and developmentally appropriate while in a safe and nurturing environment.

The program allows the children to focus on activities that encompass language development by building vocabulary skills, physical development as well as developing social emotional proficiencies.

Your child will be engaged and stimulated in sensory activities such as sand and water, using play dough and using different pre-writing tools. We are strong proponents of building independent learners by encouraging self help skills.

Early Preschool

Out early preschool classrooms provide a fun, enriching learning environment for your child. The teachers are skillful in the organizing the classroom in a way that provides numerous opportunities for exploration.

Classroom center activities are designed to facilitate both whole group and small group instruction. Teachers use a language and print rich environment to encourage language and literacy skills. Teachers make sure the children are equipped with problem solving skills and strategies in order to navigate the world around.

Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten

Our pre-kindergarten program consists of classroom centers some of which are math, science, library computer and writing.

The classrooms are set up to reflect the curriculum that the students are working on at the moment. Our main focus in Pre-kindergarten is to equip the students with skills that they can utilize throughout the rest of their lives.
We encourage development of the whole child, while steadily using creative ways to engage them in the curriculum they are also learning how to be social, collaborative and problem solving.