Hi my name is Ms. Fana Nelson. I am excited to be joining Cornerstone Daycare Center as Lead teacher for Pre-K. I achieved my baccalaureate degree from CUNY Medgar Evers College. I absolutely love teaching and have been exploring the world with my students for three years. I have always had a love for children and education! I know the importance of attaining knowledge as it is one of the things that cannot be taken away from you. Children need direction and structure. They are counting on us to lead them in the right way. I eagerly take on that role as a leader and role model for children. I lead with love and I try my best to set good examples for our children. I am a mom of two, so I realize and extend my gratitude to all parents. As a team, I do believe we can begin to mold a great new future for us all through our miraculous children. A fun fact about Ms. Nelson is I love to dance and my favorite color is pink!