Jasmine is the Chief Advisor of the Board of Directors Cornerstone Daycare Center located in Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn; a legacy she carries after her Great-Grandfather Dr. Sandy F. Ray who founded the program in 1964. Dr. Ray was named by Martin Luther King, Jr., as one of the strongest orators in the African American church. Dr. Ray presided over New York’s Empire Missionary Baptist Convention and was the first black representative elected to the Ohio State Legislature. Jasmine Ray is an Executive Board Member of the Black and Minority Chamber of Commerce, the Founder of the United States Wallball Association Inc. and the CEO of Wallball World LLC. Ms. Ray has been a sought after public speaker and received a number of accolades in addition to being recognized as one of Brooklyn’s Top Women in Business, El Diario’s Most Influential Latinas (Mujeres Destacadas) in New York City, NY1 news’ “New Yorker of the Week” and CNN’s “Woman of the Week.”