My name is Ms. Shaka Parker. I am a Lead Teacher at Cornerstone Daycare Center. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from St. John’s University. I have been caring for children for the last 13 years in numerous areas, whether that is in a day setting, camp setting, or personal setting. My passion is children. I have found that there is no greater gift in life than to help educate the youths of this world and be a part of a child’s growth. I have a strong belief that every child can and will learn. It is our job to help them succeed by providing the right tools to fit their own personal needs, as well as giving them an unlimited amount of care, understanding, and patience so they may do so. I also believe that every child learns differently, which aids me in my teaching every single day. Children come from different backgrounds, different families, different cultures, and have had different life experiences even at a very young age, thus I feel that there is no “cookie cutter” way to educate a child. Every child is important, every child is special in their own way, and every child deserves to learn. For me personally, I have found my love for the arts to be a great asset in the classroom.